January 16 2008

The Problem with Condemnation (And How To Fix It)

What every newspaper editor and politician needs to hear. Rich Buckley, Rich Buckley Realty, www.BuckleyRealty.com, discusses new concepts that should be adopted to protect the property owner in condmenation: Full Disclosure, Equal Opportunity, The Best Prices, Government Pays Reasonable Legal Fees. Suggested wording of new California law viewed at www.BuckleyRealty.Com. You can change the world at www.PeaceandConflictResolution.org .

January 30 2007

Livermore California Wine Growers’ Error

Experienced California wine-country broker, Rich Buckley, www.BuckleyRealty.com, discusses Tri-Valley Vintners error in turning over their public relations to a couple of disgrungled local NYMBY's (Not in my back yard'ers) in redling and blocking local community churches from locating in the vast growing regions of the Livermore Valley overturning 200 year's of tradition. This new South Livermore Valley structure in the vineyards could just as well have housed a church. You can change the world at www.PeaceandConflictResolution.org .


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